Internet Outages and Power Cycles

Power CycleWe are aware that the the internet has been getting cut off regularly, with all the road construction south of town.  We are sorry that everyone, including us, is suffering through internet alternatives during these outages.  The number one thing we can recommend is, to not panic.  The most common thing for people to do is panic and try something terrible, like hitting the reset button on all your devices.  If there is anything we would like to warn you of it is reseting your routers or modems.  Those devices will lose connection permanently if they are reset.  The best thing you can do is power cycle your routers and modems.  To power cycle anything you simply have to turn it off and turn it back on again.  Every time a device is turned off/unplugged it gets a moment of rest, which I think everyone can use from time to time.  When you restart it is goes through diagnostics before working again, to make sure it is running properly.  Just like a person, your device wakes up, goes to the bathroom, brushes it’s teeth (metaphorically), and runs through the things it will need to do today.  So again if you have any doubt that your internet is not working because of your router or modem, please just power cycle them.  We hope that this most recent fiber cut is the last accident by there road crews, but at least now you have an idea of what to do:  Stay Calm and Power Cycle.