Keyboard PhotoComputers are tools, meant to help us achieve our dreams and organize our lives, they should not be a burden on you or your business.  At Compunet, we know you can’t spend all day trying to make a computer work because you have a business to run and your life to live.  Compunet is a locally owned business in the Jackson Hole area for almost twenty years.  We work with businesses in most of Western Wyoming and businesses that span all the way over to Idaho and up to Montana.  Our technicians will be happy to help you through any of your computer problems, pick out a new computer, and answer any questions.  We at Compunet want to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your computer, so that it is the device to help make your life easier.

Our support staff is constantly looking for different options, new applications, and different ways to improve your life through technology.  Computers require regularly scheduled maintenance checks, a safety back up copy is always helpful, and a strong security system will help keep your computers from falling into disrepair.  Our staff is available for drop-off or pickup of any device you would like us to examine.  Compunet will run diagnostics for any home-based computers, but we also are available for monthly contracts for clients that want round-the-clock security and long term service.

  • Repair

    Viruses can be deadly to computers, but not everything that is causing a computer to malfunction is a virus.  Often computers fail because of a simple maintenance issues, file location errors, or even a fault in the operating system itself.  Whatever the reason, our staff will be happy to walk you through what happened and how it can be prevented in the future.  Every computer can be repaired, restored, and (when neither is possible) replaced.  We can diagnose your device and give you all available options and our best recommendations.

    Diagnostics $65

    Our most inexpensive service, to simply diagnose what is really happening on your computer and give recommendations on how to solve your device issues.  For this service, we will need access to your computer for a minimum of thirty minutes.

    Drop Off $105/hour

    You are always welcome to drop off your device to our store and we will give it a full-service cleaning of any outdated files, update drivers, scan for malware/viruses/spyware, remove any outdated files, and optimize/defrag your hard drive for optimum performance.  This service requires an hour to completely scan and service most machines.

    House Calls $160/hour

    Some computers are too large, or too integrated to be removed, for this we offer a classic house call where a technician can come to your location and check your computer.  In many cases a computer will have an environmental problem that is exclusive to the location where the device is operating.  Our technicians will need access to the location and the computer for approximately one hour to complete all scans and survey the computer.

    Standard Service Contracts

    Our contracts are for a one year period, renewable at the end of the year. Below are our standard contract lengths. Custom contracts can be discussed. Please call for pricing.

  • Business Contracts

    Most businesses in Western Wyoming do not have the need nor budget for a full-time IT Manager but have a serious need for top level IT knowledge and support. Smoothly operating e-mail, solid internal networking and cabling, customer transactions and accounting systems are critical to any sized business and now your business can have top level IT knowledge and support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time IT Person.

    Furthermore, with a Service Contract in place, Compunet will have several people on staff with working knowledge of your systems. So instead of relying on one individual that could leave at any time, you’ll be relying on a company that will be around for the long haul. Call us now for a free consultation and bid. Chances are, Compunet can provide you with a lot more for a lot less.

    Standard Service Contracts
    Our contracts are for a one year period – renewable at the end of the year. Below are our standard contract lengths. Custom contracts can be discussed. Please call for pricing.

    Call 307-732-0900 to arrange a meeting with the Compunet staff. We will analyze your needs and build a completely custom service contract proposal for your business and its unique needs.

In-house RateCustomer drop off/pick-up @ Compunet$105.00 / Hour
On-Site RateTechnician visits your home or office$160.00 / Hour
Diagnostic FeeLowest fee to diagnose any problem$65.00
5 Hour Monthly IT Service Contract5 hours of maintenance (1 year contract)call for pricing
10 Hour Monthly IT Service Contract10 hours of maintenance (1 year contract)call for pricing
20 Hour Monthly IT Service Contract20 hours of maintenance (1 year contract)call for pricing
30 Hour Monthly IT Service Contract30 Hour Monthly IT Service Contractcall for pricing
Custom Monthly IT Service ContractCustom maintenance contracts (1 year contract)TBD
IT ConsultationSystem design, custom networkingTBD