• In addition to our vast coverage in Jackson Hole, our High Speed Internet Service is now available in Teton Valley, ID and Bondurant, WY!

    Please call for 307.732.0900 for details!

    Connect to the Internet through Jackson Hole Compunet and you not only bring a world of information into your home or office, you open up new channels of communication. But most importantly, high speed Internet access from Compunet allows you to accomplish all of your online tasks at greater speeds giving you more time to do everything else that life in Wyoming has to offer.

    Our wireless network, with 16 towers around the valley, allows us to provide bandwidth to hard to reach places and gives our clients options that simply aren’t available otherwise. As an internet provider, we can service residences and all size businesses with DSL, wireless or a custom T1 solution. Our prices are competitive and we have a fleet of local technicians to service our customers and our network.

  • Service Area

    Compunet Internet Coverage MapJH Compunet Internet Service Area

    High Speed Internet Now Available in Victor!
    Please call for 307-732-0900 for details!

    Jackson Hole – All Areas
    Teton Village
    Melody Ranch
    Victor and Driggs, ID

Internet Services

Wireless High Speed Access

Now Offering Free Installations!  Pricing and Speeds listed below are our base packages.  Faster speeds are available in most areas.  Please call us to find out what speeds you are eligible for.

Standard Residential RatesRemote Residential Area RatesVictor Rates
1.5Mbps Download, 1.0Mbps Upload- $55.00/month*1.5Mbps Download, 1.0Mbps Upload- $65.00/month*1.5Mbps Download, 1.0Mbps Upload- $40.00/month*
512Kpbs Download, 512Kpbs Upload- $35.00/month*512Kpbs Download, 512Kpbs Upload- $40.00/month*512Kpbs Download, 512Kpbs Upload- $30.00/month*

Business Options are Also Available – please call for pricing. 307-732-0900

Included at no extra charge:

  • Site Test – call for an appointment and a Compunet technician will come to your home to test the signal strength and inform you of the required equipment.
  • Up to 10 e-mail addresses
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday customer service support available via phone or send e-mail questions to
  • Your choice of billing options: Direct Deposit from checking, Electronic Credit Card charging or pay your bill by Check via US Mail.

*One year contract required unless you opt to purchase equipment. Not available in all areas. Some locations may require additional equipment at an additional charge. Speeds listed are representative of the maximum speeds allowed at the listed price.  Actual speeds may vary.  Please call 732-0900 for more information.


DSL BasicDSL DeluxeDSL Premier
With existing home telephone service
$30/month with 3 year commitment (limited areas only)*$50/month with 3 year commitment (limited areas only)*$70/month with 3 year commitment (limited areas only)*
256Kbps Download, 256Kbps Upload1.5Mbps Download, 1.0Mbps UploadUp to 7.0Mbps Download, 896Mbps Upload
Without existing home telephone service
not available$55/month$75/month

* All packages are on a month to month contract. Your bill will be split between Compunet and your phoneline provider.
* Rates do not include $5.00/month modem rental or $60.00 modem purchase
* Rates for businesses are $10 to $18.00 more per month – see ISP for specific details


1.5 Meg Connection – dedicated line
A contract is required – please call for pricing.

  • A dedicated phone connection supporting data rates of 1.544Mbits per second.
  • A T1 line can carry about 192,000 bytes per second — roughly 60 times more data than a normal residential modem.
  • A T1 line is extremely reliable.

We offer the most competitive T1 pricing in Wyoming. Please contact us at 307-732-0900 or for more information.

Web Servers

Domain Hosting

$20.00 per month. There is no installation charge and hosting is on a month to month basis.

Domain Hosting includes unlimited space web hosting and unlimited email accounts.

Remote Data Backup

DataMonthly CostInstallationContract
0-1 GBs$20.00$50.00Month to Month
1-5 GB$30.00$50.00Month to Month
5-10 GB$50.00$50.00Month to Month
10-20 GB$80.00$50.00Month to Month
20-35 GB$120.00WaivedMonth to Month
35-50GB$160.00WaivedMonth to Month
50-75 GB$200.00WaivedMonth to Month
75-100 GB$250.00WaivedMonth to Month
100+ GBCall for pricingWaivedMonth to Month

Custom solutions and pricing can be discussed. Contact us for more information.